MYM Issue 49

You can catch us in MYM Magazine again! Cissa’s Morrigan Aensland hits shelves in the UK (and online) today!

This is by far our most published month to date! You can catch us both in not only this issue of MYM but also Nerd Girl Magazine in AU and CosplayZine in the US!



Wizard World STL (So far!)

This weekend we’re at Wizard World STL with Amanda Lynn Chainmaille Creations at booth #126!

We’re rocking some of their custom made pieces paired with some of our very own cosplays!

The weekend isn’t over yet, but it’s already been a crazy good time with our Chainmaille crew, Lana Leathal, Jess Dredd, DoodleSpork Cosplay, SuperKayce and lots of other great friends!

More photos on our FB page – Ultra Girls Cosplay

Interview with Cosplay Shout-Outs

A huge thank you to Cosplay Shout-Outs for making us ‘Cosplayers of the Week’ and conducting a great interview!

“Hello Jay Dee again!! Here’s this weeks interview with Ultra Girls Cosplay – Sophii & Cissa!!

1.) Introduce yourself and tell us a few things about yourself.

We are Sophii and Cissa, two best friends who cosplay under the name Ultra Girls Cosplay!! We’ve been cosplaying for many, many years but didn’t start doing it more seriously until late 2014!

2.) Why did you start cosplaying?

Sophii – I started about 8 years back when a Cissa first took me to A-Kon in Dallas, TX! I wasn’t too sure at first but the community was incredible and I felt like I belonged! After that, I never stopped!
Cissa – I went with friends to Wichita’s first Anime convention – Anime Festival Wichita when I was in middle school and it was awesome! I just loved getting to dress as my favorite characters and being around like minded people.

3.) How long have you been cosplaying?

Sophii – About 8 years!
Cissa – Oh man, probably 11 years now!

4.) What’s your fav of cosplaying?

We both love the crafting, that feeling when you complete a cosplay! And meeting so many awesome people!

5.) What’s your dream cosplay?

Sophii – Crossplay Raiden, MGS!
Cissa – Neith, Smite!

6.) What’s your fav cosplay you’ve done?

Sophii – Ooh, Tracer! I haven’t gotten to wear it to a con yet but I’m so excited!
Cissa – Apocalypse Velma, I love cosplaying Velma

7.) Any funny stories you want to tell the world?

Oh man, we have so many. The most recent would be while we were cosplay guests at Stealth Con in Missouri and one of the safety pins in Cissa’s cosplay pop and stabbed her. All the way in. The pin was HUGE and we both squealed as she slowly pulled it out of her side. It was insane! Andddd hilarious lol.

Have a great day!

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View on FB here:

Cosplay Guests – O Comic Con!

OccCon page –

Ultra Girls Cosplay


Where in the world are the Ultra Girls?

12778812_478416842362334_2762399876854045858_oRIGHT HERE! We just finished up our Feb round of conventions and now we’re on standby mode until April. As we add more cons, we’ll update the list both here and in real time on our Facebook Page – the pinned post will always be our upcoming cons!

For bookings, appearances, photo shoots and interviews please e-mail us at

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