(Updated 4/14/16)

Cosplay Guest Appearance Credits:
(2016 – updated 4/10/16) 
Esports Wichita – Wichita, KS
Stealth Comic Con – Warrensburg, MO
Empower Comic Con – Topeka, KS
Little Apple Comic Con – Manhattan, KS
(upcoming)Animatic Con – Cincinnati, OH
(upcoming)Planet Comic Con –  Kansas City, MO
(upcoming)Smallville Comic Con – Hutchinson, KS
(upcoming) O Comic Con – Iowa
(upcoming)TF Expo – Wichita, KS
(upcoming)Kansas City Comic Con – Kansas City, MO
(upcoming)Geek Gathering – Sheffield, AL
Kansas City Comic Con – Kansas City, MO
TF Expo – Wichita, KS
TopCon – Topeka, KS
Retro Mega Comic Con – Savannah, GA
Air Capital Comic Con – Wichita, KS


Promotional Cosplay Expo/Booth Credits:
Wizard’s Asylum ICT (Air Capital Mini Con – Wichita, KS)
Amanda Lynn Chainmaille Creations(Wizard World St. Louis – St. Louis, MO)
Ichico Comics Booth(Planet Comic Con – Kansas City, MO)
Ichico Comics Booth (Smallville Comic Con – Hutchinson, KS)
Ichico Comics Booth (Anime Festival Wichita – Wichita, KS)
Wormhole Pre-Party (Retro Mega Comic Con – Savannah, GA)



Media Appearance Credits:
Teenview Wichita (TV Show) ((Sophii) Appeared in Cosplay – Wichita, KS)
Brett and Sierra Show (TV Show) ((Cissa) Appeared in Cosplay to promote Air Capital Comic Con – Wichita, KS)
Zombie Task Force (Commercial) ((Sophii) Appeared in Cosplay – Goddard, KS)

Judging Credits:
Wichita Esports – Wichita, KS
Stealth Comic Con – Warrensburg, MO
Empower Comic Con – Topeka, KS
Little Apple Comic Con – Manhattan, KS
Headshots Bar and Grill Cosplay Night – Wichita, KS
TF Expo – Wichita, KS
Air Capital Comic Con (stand in pre-judge) – Wichita, KS



(Upcoming) Cosplay & Social Media (Planet Comic Con – Kansas City, MO)
(Upcoming) Cosplay & Social Media (Animatic Con – Cincinnati, OH)
Cosplay & Social Media (Wizard World St. Louis – St Louis, MO)
Cosplay Q&A (Wichita, Esports – Wichita, KS)
Cosplay Q&A (Stealth Comic Con – Warrensburg, MO)
Genderbend/Crossplay (Empower Comic Con – Topeka, KS)
Cosplay 101 (Little Apple Comic Con – Manhattan, KS)
Cosplay 101 (Smallville Comic Con – Hutchinson, KS)


Convention Work Credits:

Wichita Esports – Director/Coordinator of Cosplay
Little Apple Comic Con – Cosplay Contest Coordinator


Other Professional Credits:
Wizard’s Asylum Comics and Games – Marketing Manager (September 2015 – present)
                                                           – Events Coordinator (September 2015 – present)
Ichico Comics – Head of Ichico Comics (May 2015 – August 2015)
                      – Marketing manager (January 2015 – August 2015)

Sponsorship Credits:
Engized (Ongoing)
MicCostumes (Ongoing)
Wichita Esports (Ongoing)
Ichico Comics (January 2015 – November 2015)
Wizard’s Asylum (Ongoing)
Wichita Esports (Ongoing)

Other Achievements:

MYM Magazine – Published cosplayer (Cissa) (United Kingdom) (Digital/Print)
Nerd Girl Magazine – (April)Interview/Published Cosplayers(Australia) (Digital/Print)
CosplayZine – (April)Published Cosplayers (Digital/Print)
Home – Cosplayed original character Elysia for the writer/artists, to be used on variant cover.
Animegram – Were briefly sponsored by the app, images used for advertisement.
Wizard’s Asylum Comics and Games – Hired to build two Magic The Gathering Planeswalker cosplay which were shot (Tahnee Lane Photography) and printed onto custom playmats.
MYM Magazine – Published cosplayer(Sophii) in the United Kingdom (Print/Digital)
CosplayZine – Published Cosplayers (Print/Digital)
Wizard’s Asylum Comics and Games – Published models in Twilight Creations Advertisement/Display (Print) (Won Best Halloween Display/Advertisement in nation in two different categories)


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