Where in the world are the Ultra Girls?

12778812_478416842362334_2762399876854045858_oRIGHT HERE! We just finished up our Feb round of conventions and now we’re on standby mode until April. As we add more cons, we’ll update the list both here and in real time on our Facebook Page – the pinned post will always be our upcoming cons!

For bookings, appearances, photo shoots and interviews please e-mail us at UltraGirlsCosplay@yahoo.com

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Don’t be Cosplays ‘Red Starbucks cup’.

e4XecImo-4922-3281If you’re no longer having fun cosplaying, that may be entirely on you. Cosplay is fun, it should be fun. Your decisions in cosplay can affect my level of enjoyment about as much as the red Starbucks cups convinced me to worship Satan.


(There was a length, 5 page essay about people who say the evolution of cosplay has stopped them from enjoying the hobby, but I decided the rest was unnecessary as this about sums it up! Lol)

❤ Sophii

The Importance of Continuing Onward

imageOn Sunday my fiancé, a close friend and myself decided to have some fun and road trip to KC early and show up on the last day to say hi to everyone and enjoy a con as attendees for once.

It was a first year con, video game-centric, and had a ton of incredible vendors and talent.

When we arrived around noon on Sunday, more than half the booths were already torn down and there was little to no attendance.

There is speak of this con not returning for a second year. And that makes me sad.

Nothing we want in life is instant. Everything comes with time and determination. And set backs are an absolute.

This goes for cosplayers, artists, voice actors/actresses, pod-casters and anyone else with goals and dreams as well.

Don’t let one set back stop you from continuing. Don’t let the words of others change your course.

Come on keepin’ on, friends.

Sophii ❤

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